School codes

By training hard, staying prayerful, and living healthy, you will receive gifts from God! As you appreciate and recognize these God-given gifts, don’t keep them to yourself, but share them with others and bear good fruit!



  • Wisdom Jesus is wisdom and the truth we seek.

  • Understanding is insight given to us from God into the very heart of things.

  • Counsel allows us to be directed by God in all matters and to listen to and share our God-given guidance with others. (We suggest you have a spiritual Father.)

  • Fortitude is to have stamina, virility, bravery, valor, courageousness, and gallantry.

  • Knowledge is the ability to faithfully discern right and wrong action, so as to use our free will in a faithful manner.

  • Godliness revering God with Agape love, worship, and thankfulness to God always seeking a balanced and healthy relationship with God, and honoring the saints and the Holy Scripture. Truly recognizing when we say the Lord’s prayer that He is “our Father who art in heaven”.

  • Fear of God is revering God and avoiding separating ourselves from Him. Fear we will choose with our free to not appreciate His love.



  • Love free will choice-Agape is an unconquerable love that always seeks the highest good for others, no matter their behavior. It is a love that gives freely without asking anything in return.

  • Joy comes from God. It is more serene and stable than worldly happiness, which is merely emotional and lasts only for a time.

  • Peace is spiritual wholeness and completeness that is unaffected by the outward circumstances or pressures or life. It is the feeling of being in the world and not of the world.

  • Long-Suffering Perseverance slow to anger and rich in kindness. The ability to endure persecution and ill-treatment. A person who has the power to hurt others but instead exercises restraint. On the cross, Jesus said, ”Father forgive them for they know not what they do” as an example.

  • Kindness is being compassionate, considerate, sympathetic, and humane. Kindness is doing something and not expecting anything in return.

  • Goodness is having moral excellence, virtue, and being recognized in quality of conduct and of character.

  • Faithfulness is the divine persuasion, received from God, and never generated by man, that God’s love for us is real, Jesus’s words are the truth, and there is a heaven.

  • Gentleness is to posses courtesy, softness, politeness, civility, and meekness.

  • Self-Control is to be strong, strive to master one's passions, able to control one's thoughts and actions, strive to remain prayerful daily, and practice fasting.