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From decades of training at the gym and martial arts schools, and most importantly, serving others, we have found a daily way to connect spiritually with God while training. Martial arts masters don’t take breaks from daily training, and we feel all people should strive to pray daily. We organized our daily practices into Christian Martial Fitness, Inc. so we can share its benefits with others.


If you want to be more fit and have more confidence, self discipline and a healthier lifestyle we provide a path to do that. The added bonus we offer you is our Martial Arts Fitness from a Christian Perspective. 

Want to know how to Climb the ladder? It’s simple. The first rung of the Ladder is the White Belt. It starts with the basic level information and each rung of the ladder helps you to grow toward a Black Belt understanding in of each of The Four Main Categories-Faith, Martial Fitness, Nutritional+Recipes, and essential oil products.  Each rung/Belt color has content like videos, blogs, images, etc that help you to grow in that category. As you climb the ladder you reach levels of overall wellness that is spiritual and physical.and giving you a healthy relationship with God…...Hence the name LADDER OF WELLNESS.

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step up the ladder TO REACH YOUR GOALS!

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This belt focuses on basic strength and conditioning because it is essential to build on a proper foundation. The White Belt curriculum gets you off to a healthy start so you can get a feel for the structure of the system and grow towards a Black Belt. Welcome!

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You do not need to be the most flexible person in the world to do martial fitness, but some flexibility sure does help. The more flexible you are, the less prone to injury you will be, and your techniques can become much more effective. Being flexible also helps you counter a technique, escape a lock, or maneuver out of a possible submission scenario. We continue to build strength while simultaneously enhancing your flexibility.

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We see most people improve on their coordination and motor skills throughout their Christian Martial Fitness journey. By this time, you will notice what techniques you do well and what techniques you struggle with, which will help you decide which specific drills to work on. Green Belt is the time to drill yourself accordingly to make your weak points stronger.



Blue Belt is when you have enough experience that you can really train hard and do tactical and humane self-defense drills. Anyone can kick and punch and put others into submission or even knock them out. What we teach is to always drill and stay connected to God. The goal is not to fight and to talk your way out of the situation by bringing God’s peace to the moment. However, evil exists and this is not always possible. We drill so that when we do need to act, it is with God in our hearts, not anger or malice. We teach how to defuse these situations humanely, prayerfully, and as quickly as possible. We teach that the best tactic is to get the police and proper authorities involved. The goal of Blue Belt is to teach you these life-saving tactics so you can use them in a stressful situation.



This belt drills subconscious situational awareness strategies. It allows you to react automatically. When someone approaches suddenly, startles you, and you feel threatened, we want you to have a natural and timely response. Your greatest automatic response will be to never give up.



When we are not in our comfort zones, we get tunnel vision. We don’t have the opportunity to plan things out, filter what we say, or see the big picture because we have to handle what’s causing us discomfort. We drill to counteract tunnel vision. After you drill something over and over, you build muscle memory, and the action becomes part of your subconscious. The focus at Brown Belt is to rely on your muscle memory and proactive/reactive reflexes.

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In Red Belt, we focus on body conditioning, which includes noticing your body’s strengths and weaknesses. You will learn what your pain threshold is, and this will guide your sparring practice so that you tap out or say “break” to your training partner at the appropriate time. Through drilling, you will learn and improve upon how long your cardiovascular system can sustain your training.

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In Red Belt with White Stripe, you will combine everything you have drilled into lifestyle choices that reflect your values. From consciously choosing your clothing to how you treat your neighbor, you will be aware of how the world perceives you. In martial fitness, you will become aware of your best and worst techniques and stances and how they flow or do not flow together. Knowing this, you will practice putting intent into your techniques. To bring deeper awareness, you will learn how to combine breathing with your techniques and focus on how different types of people react to your style. For example, the same techniques don’t always work on short people as they do on tall people.

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You are almost at Black Belt and you should take a moment to admire your effort and growth. Like preparing for a marathon, you must take time to prepare yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. This means you will clean up all your material and strengthen your basics so that you will perform at your peak on your test date. To inspire us, Jesus prepared for 40 days in the wilderness before he was crucified on the cross for our sins and then rose on the third day on Easter.

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A Christian Martial Fitness Black Belt has Christ at the center of their training. We ask you to be strong in the categories of Faith, Martial Fitness, Nutrition+Recipes, and Essential Oils. We feel the combination of these four leads to a person who always Trains Hard-Stays Prayerful-and Lives Healthy.

To obtain a Black Belt in Christian Martial Fitness, you will need to train hard in your martial fitness, stay prayerful on a daily basis, and understand the basics of nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. 

First Degree Black Belt is only the beginning. There are nine levels of Black Belt, and it is comparable to the global educational structure as follows:

  • Black Belt 1st level-1st year of college

  • Black Belt 2nd level-Associates Degree

  • Black Belt 3rd level-3rd year of college

  • Black Belt 4th level-Bachelor Degree

  • Black Belt 5th level-Master Degree

  • Black Belt 6th level-Graduate Work

  • Black Belt 7th level-Graduate Work

  • Black Belt 8th Level-Doctorate Degree

  • Black Belt 9th Level-Doctor



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