ladders to Wellness method



TRAIN HARD We believe our earthly bodies are God-created temples, and we set fitness goals and train hard to treat it that way.

STAY PRAYERFUL We choose with our free will to be prayerful and ask the Holy Spirit to dwell in us always, even in times of stress where self-defense is a last resort and the only option.

LIVE HEALTHY We take life one breath at a time. We appreciate our blessings and try to treat our neighbor the way we want to be treated. We eat nutritionally dense foods and continually try to balance Church, work, and family. We believe this is a healthy lifestyle and that it transfigures our hearts, minds, and souls so that we have a stronger ability to love God and others as we prepare for eternal life.

Over the years, we have shared what God has given us. We have tried to lead by example and show that hard training, prayerfulness, and healthy living combined have amazing mind, body, and spiritual results. 

Some of the results we have seen are students and clients achieving goals and dreams. Some have dropped 100lbs of unhealthy fat. Others have achieved martial fitness goals like a jumping spin hook kick board break or staying prayerful in a threatening self-defense scenario. 

If you follow our CMF training methods, you will be more flexible, take excess weight off, and develop a healthy fitness routine that combines fitness training with daily scripture reading. You’ll go to Church services more, and will be mindful of God’s love and His will for your life.

Eternal goals are the best goals, and we want to help you reach yours!

We educate others on how to train hard in martial fitness, stay prayerful as Christians, and live a balanced and healthy life. This education is based on consistent efforts structured through our LADDERS TO WELLNESS METHOD.

Each rung on any of the ladders to wellness in our method is represented by a color belt. In many martial arts philosophies, a person starts at White Belt and builds on foundational techniques and school codes to reach the goal of Black Belt from a mind, body, and spirit perspective. Grandmasters in martial art belt ranking systems encourage their students that the small, daily efforts make a big difference.



If you want to learn about the Orthodox Christian Church and grow closer to God, there is a faith ladder for you.

If you're just interested in Young Living essential oils and wellness products for you or your family, there is a ladder for you.

 If you just want to build better nutritional habits, there is a nutrition and recipe ladder for you.

If you're just interested in a great martial fitness workout, there is a martial fitness ladder for you. The fitness is based on Hokwondo, Hapkido, Taekwondo, Tai Chi, and Kyusho Kempo training. 

If you're seeking martial arts ranking in Hokwondo, Hapkido, Taekwondo, and/or Kyusho Kempo, we ask you to have a basic knowledge at each rung of all the ladders listed above and request to be tested on the specific CMF material required to earn each belt rank promotion.


That’s why we do what we do! Please join us, and share with those you love. we all will climb the Ladders of wellness together! 


Transfigure your life!

Our goal is for you to use our LADDERS TO WELLNESS METHOD as a means of becoming the person God made you to be. He has a will for us and we have free will. Practicing our method daily offers a way to navigate between and ultimately unite these wills.

Jesus transfigured Himself to show His disciples that there is a heaven and He is the way, the truth, and the life. We believe combining martial fitness with an attitude of training hard, staying prayerful as a Christian, and living healthy is a means to grow in relationship with God, learn about His word, discover who His son is, feel His Holy Spirit, and be a daily transfigured person who seeks the Kingdom of Heaven in love and humility.

Our classes at Mount Tabor Hall on the Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church grounds in Austin Texas is where you can learn from us in person. Our website has each of our LADDERS TO WELLNESS clearly defined in videos and graphics, and we will have online courses to teach you AT YOUR OWN PACE coming soon!


more on the ladder

At Christian Martial Fitness, we use the image of a ladder to explain our philosophy. The ladder begins with our earthly bodies and points towards our transfigured heavenly bodies. The outer rails represent our free will on one side and God's will on the other. The rungs (or steps) connect our will with God's, and in our philosophy, martial fitness successfully does just this. God has called us to serve the world by teaching how you can find the peace and joy that only God can give through climbing the Christian Martial Fitness ladders.