Training with Chi / Ki

There are many variations and many definitions of Chi Gong and many ways to write it. Its loose definition is "Life Energy Cultivation". The fun discussions and debates I have about this topic are with many people who think of "Life", "Energy" and how to "Cultivate" these topics differently. We are not all Christians. For an easy example: a Christian believes that Jesus is the "Way" the "Truth" and the "Life". We believe in Heaven and that Jesus gave us a glimpse of our heavenly transfigured energetic bodies on Mt. Tabor when he was speaking to Moses and Elijah in front of the Apostolic witnesses Peter, James and John (the sons of thunder) as defined in the Holy Scriptures. 


I want to give a high altitude understanding about the way that I teach and explain Chi Gong. I explain Chi from a faith in the Holy Trinity and a scientific foundation. I do Chi Gong exercise to live a healthy life style, have a humane martial art style, and stay connected to the creator of the universe through meditative prayer.

As a Christian Martial Artist and a Professional Electrical Engineer this topic is very easy for me to explain. I believe that Chi or KI is real. I do not however, teach that it is a religion or that it is a spiritual force. I teach that it is an extension of the way our creator made us as electromagnetic beings on an electromagnetic planet, that we are care takers of and have dominion over electromagnetic animals. 

These are the top two examples I first give in a seminar or class to help others understand my perspective on Chi and how I give all the credit for it to the creator and train to use it to grow closer to Him towards eternal life.


If you believe that a cell phone works then I say you essentially believe in the same science that Chi is based on. Think about it. A cell phone is wireless yet it works. It does its own self-diagnostics. Data is received and transmitted via electromagnetic waves, frequencies, and fields, north and south poles, positives and negatives electrons. 

In comparison the human, created by God, can do a self-diagnostic and sense when something is wrong or is working fine. This can be done during breathing exercise. A human can sense wirelessly electromagnetic fields between their hands when doing Chi Gong exercises. If you have a training partner they can sense your Chi when circling their hands near each other.


Depending how you place the poles (or hands) near each other you can feel forces repel and attract. Sound familiar? You can project electromagnetic wave frequencies and fields with multiplexed intent to increase the effectiveness of your martial arts techniques. This is witnessed in effecting your opponent with seemingly little to no effort and is much more humane than massive blunt force trauma. 

The second way I explain that humans have God created Chi, is by using examples of electromagnetic south and north poles in God’s creation of our planet and that animals use these electromagnetic fields to navigate. I say if you believe in the God created "Northern Lights" and the earths electromagnetic field this is another example of the science behind the Chi I believe in and teach. The geomagnetic field that is created from the motion of internal molten iron alloy in its core creates the ionosphere and the magnetosphere and protects our planet from things like solar winds and cosmic rays. I believe God created the animals on this planet. An example of an animal that senses and uses the Chi in their bodies to align with the earths fields to navigate is the homing pigeon. 

In summary, I teach God created us as energetic beings on an energetic planet in a constantly moving energetic heavenly universe. Through prayer, fasting, serving others, going to Church and receiving Holy Communion I ask His Holy Spirit to dwell in me and strengthen my digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, lymphatic systems and all the other systems that keep me energetically balanced. I believe the continual use of prayerful Chi Gong exercise cultivates a greater understanding of our natural energy. This connect us with Christ, and allows us to use it for good, to spread the Gospel, and to keep ourselves as healthy as possible.