Top 3 Best Appliances I Ever Bought!

Disclaimer - I am NOT affiliated with any of these products or companies, I'm not making any money off of reviewing these items or you clicking on their website, I just want to share knowledge and experience with you to better your healthy lifestyle. With that now said..

I'm Not Appliance Obsessed

For me to consider bringing an appliance into our home it needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. Something I will reach for nearly every waking day of my life.

  2. The quality must be exceptional. I'm not waisting any more money on items that won't last a long time and by long I mean 10 years at least.

  3. The results it produces must give me a "wow!" factor.

  4. It must be easy to clean and maintain. I take very good care of my appliances and I need it to be an easy task.

You may be asking yourself if products like this are even made anymore. Well they are, you just need to research your brains out and usually put up a bit more $ than you would for the appliance that only last 1-3 years. You must pay for quality - do they teach that in kindergarten? They should. We'd all save a lot of money over the corse or our lives. On to it then...

Life Changing Appliances

I'm going to say I value each of these equally, however the first one has a bit more pull on my heart strings. It's also the one I have had the longest. It's been a decade since we welcomed the Vitamix into our home. I went to a vegan health expo and my mind was blown. The Vitamix is definitely essential for more than vegans but I say it's a necessity for me.Learning how to use this is very simple and once you do it's like brushing your teeth just second nature. I'm going to outline first what it can do.

  • It pulverizes ingredients to pure perfection. It's trained horsepower goes beyond the power you would imagine in an appliance. Smoothies, soups, nut butters, dressings the list goes on and on. This pulverization allows for the flavors to be realeased so much more so than any other similar machine.

  • I'm not going to list all that you can make with this thing (well maybe I will by the end of this post) but it does an amazing job on everything from ice cream to hot soup! Yes it' s powerful enough that you can make HOT soup right in it. The resources the company offers you, cookbooks and DVD's are just full of recipes that are easy and delicious.

  • EASY TO CLEAN. Sorry I had to yell that because man it is EASY, there I go again. Fill it half way with hot water from the sink, add some dish soap and run it like you're making a soap smoothie for 45 seconds and boom you're done! I have never had to do more than a light cloth on peanut butter for instance. Remember I have had this for 10 years!


I could really go on and on here but I will end with this; if you have no other intention than to just make smoothies open up your mind a bit more and explore what you can do to eat healthier and easier. Click on the photo above and check out their different lines. The products are incredible quality.Next up the Kirby.

The name really does say it all.  Oh if I could take a poll all over the country and ask how many vacuums you have gone through, how many of you say that yours does a professional quality job every single time and how many of you could say the one you have is the last one you'll ever have to buy.... That is because you don't have a Kirby.

In 1906 Jim Kirby designed the first Kirby Vacuum. Thank goodness he did! My only regret is not finding out about it until my thirties. At first I was skeptical. I found a distributor and scheduled a demo. Yes this company is still door to door! See here for details. They come right to your home and show you the ins and outs and exactly what the Kirby can do. I don't think I would have been able to appreciate this machine as much without that free demo and i got a vacuumed and cleaned rug and couch out of the deal!

This appliance is one of my favorites because it does an impeccable job every time. We have always had hardwood floors and a couple area rugs. Instead of using the swifter or something of the sort and then vacuuming the rugs, now I can use the same appliance for both I just make an adjustment on it and I'm good to go! Oh and I vacuum my mattress now too because this thing can do it!I like to keep a tidy home and I vacuum at least every other day. I use most of the attachments especially the hose for edging, the Kirby is very sturdy and the quality of the entire machine is impressive. It even washes carpets! It's truly and all in one. I encourage you to check out their website as it is full of useful information for you to explore.

The Newest Addition To Our Home


The Instant PotMy husband and I went to this lovely restaurant where I for the very first time in my life I had chick peas that were the perfect consistency! After asking the chef how she managed to achieve this (I myself have been trying for years and years) she showed me her Instant Pot. Mind Blown.I feel as though I live in my kitchen. I honestly spend the larger portion of my day in it at least. If I'm not cooking I am - you guessed it washing pots, pans and dishes.  This appliance has cut my time in the kitchen by more than half. Go ahead let that sink in.  The Instant Pot is amazing, why? let's start with what it is and what it can do.

  • It is an electric pressure cooker and slow cooker - not a stove top pressure cooker - no need to be afraid for your life anymore!

  • It couldn't be easier to use.

  • It's cuts cooking time by up to 70%.

  • You can brown meats, and sauté directly in it before the pressure cooking begins.

  • The list of what you can make is endless, you can even make yogurt in it!

  • It is also a slow cooker, so if you've been waiting to get a slow cooker trust me get this!

I knew this would be a great addition to our home for now and as the kids get bigger and only demand more food from my kitchen! There was no learning curve for me. It comes with easy instructions and recipes to follow or use as guidelines. The only thing I feel I must stress is this; get the right size for your household. Unless you're cooking for 1 or 2 people and don't do freezer meals I would recommend getting the 8 quart at least. I read so many reviews and researched a ton before buying it and all of the people said the same thing get a larger size. I agree and am happy that I did just that.

Cleaning is incredibly easy. It is ONE pot! Sure I clean the cover and wipe down the machine quickly but seriously it couldn't be easier to clean. You can buy it here on Amazon.

As with all of the appliances I mentioned I personally believe it's important to follow the manufactures instructions on how to care for the item and do so as it is recommended. If you do that you should not have a problem with them lasting a long time. Also these are reputable companies they support their customers and I have no doubt you would get the customer service you value.