Faith in Your Goals

How are your priorities organized?


This post is about how to integrate faith, more specifically God, into all aspects of your life.  I'm suggesting you put God right in the center of each area. Ask Him to open doors for you with your fitness and nutrition goals. Why should this matter? Isn't praying for him to bless each area of your life enough? Maybe it is for you but I challenge you to embrace this action for yourself and see how things change for you.If we put time and effort into any priority of our lives it can easily become a top priority to us and can also distract us from what should be our top priority at all times.Throughout this blog I plan to show you how I try to put God in the center of each goal, task, challenge, chore, and life in general. Notice I said "try" there. It is a day to day effort for me. 

  • Faith in fitness...

  • Health

  • Education

  • Work

  • Family

  • Food!

Arek Adeoye

Arek Adeoye

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